House System

As part of our response to the Curriculum for Excellence and the desire in school for our pupils to become Confident Individuals, Effective Contributors and Responsible Citizens the school has adopted a School House System. Our four houses are: 


• To benefit pupils’ behaviour and to encourage pride and commitment.
• To provide opportunities for pupils to take on responsibilities and gain recognition for their role in the school.
• To promote achievement of pupils in its widest forms in a totally positive way.
• To foster a spirit of community through promoting a variety of activities aimed to bring pupils of different years together.
• To give pupils another allegiance, beyond his or her class and circle of friends.
• To encourage the older pupils to support the younger ones.

On entry to school each pupil will be allocated to one of four Houses. Pupils will be awarded points in a variety of ways e.g. special achievements, good manners, acts of kindness, achievements out-with school etc. These points will be totalled at the end of term and the winning House will receive a reward.

Houses are rewarded with Fun days where children get to take in games, bikes, scooters etc. from home and receive treats such as ice lollies. This is a great way for the children in each House to come together to celebrate their success.